Can somebody please STOP the RAIN???

  1. I'm almost freaking out here... it's constantly raining for seven hours now and we had a really bad thunderstorm. The electricity was gone twice, the pond in our garden flooded the garage... it just came in the local news that some main streets (even a part of the "Autobahn"/motorway!) and more than 1000 basements are flooded :s
  2. ^^ Awwwww, it will be over soon hopefully. We had that about two weeks ago. Rained for hours (like 20 hours or so maybe) straight. Not fun.
  3. What?! You're getting all the rain and we're getting none :sad: I'm tired of the sunshine. Hope everything lets up soon!

    ...and again, I'm sorry if I asked this before. But what part of Germany are you in? :sad:
  4. OMG, 20 hours? :wtf:
    Thank God the thunderstorm is over, it's "only" raining at the moment. Lots of fire brigade out there at the moment to help w/ the flooded basements... ours is fine so far, hope it stays like that.
  5. :lol: I was looking forward to colder weather too, but not in that way :lol:

    I live in Herborn (Lahn-Dill-Kreis in Hessen, ~30 km away from Gießen). -> Unwetter: Blitzschlag und Überflutungen | Nachrichten | hr
  6. Ah ha :smile: I'm vaguely familiar with that area. We visited my mom's school friend in Bischoffen once on our way to Dortmund and remember driving through Herborn to go to some store that my mom wnated to go to. I think that's about 2 h 45min away from me :smile:

    Send a little bit of rain down here! I'm tired of switching between short and long sleves, lol
  7. Yeah, Bischoffen is pretty close :yes: Herborn became quite "famous" (in a sad way) during the 80ies because of a calamity... In 1987 a truck crashed into an ice cream parlour and caused a blaze that killed several people. The "Großbrand von Herborn" :sad:

    I'll make sure to send you some rain, but only a bit so that fall starts ;)
  8. I'm going to be going to the FHS in Coburg, and on my drive up there (up the B303) you could see that the trees are starting to change color. Some were already starting to turn a beautiful red!

    Fall is on the way!
  9. Hopefully, I can't wait to wear all the beautiful fall clothes :upsidedown:

    What do you study? (FHS = Fachhochschule, right?)
  10. btw, the rain has stopped :yahoo: Only a bit of thunder far away.
  11. Yes :smile: It'll be my first year (I'm doing the Studienkolleg, which is like a prep course for international students) since I've got to start all over (Germany doesn't like people who don't have comopleted degrees fors ome reason) and I'll be studying Wirtschaftswissenschaft (sp?)
  12. U can send the rain over to my house. I can't tell u when the last time it rained over here... :s
  13. Aaw, that's cool, I'll start this year, too :yahoo:
    Angewandte Fremdsprachen und Wirtschaft

    A few friends of mine had problems to go back to school after spending just one year in the US... they wanted them to re-do the whole year. I guess it's even more difficult if you've spent several years in another country :shrugs:
  14. I'll try :yes:
    The weather is never right, either it's too hot or too cold or too rainy or... :shrugs:
  15. Move to California. We haven't had any rain since May or early June. I am getting so tired of the sunny weather now.