Can somebody ID this LV, please.

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  1. Is it even real?
  2. That bag looks similar to the mini monogram Marie (which in turn is similar to the style of the vernis Tompkins Square). However, I don't know if the one that she's carrying in this photograph is real - because it looks a bit too "squat".
  3. I remember she carried that same fake bag in some of the Simple Life 1 episodes. She also had a fake monogram Alma back then.

  4. I swear, with every new picture she gets a little trashier.
  5. Yes, I had a strong feeling this bag was a fake - the dimensions are off, too squat.
  6. hmm..i know there is a bigger version of that...but i simply have no idea where she got looks fake tho..
  7. Never mind the bag...someone should tell Paris to pull her pants up! :blink:
  8. She looks like she just got a chemical peel or something...
  9. It looks like the monogram is not authentic. it looks like a fake and a bad fake at that. I swear everything she has is fake. multicolour papillon anyone????? Plus her sunnies are always filthy. Just like her.:sick: