Can somebody help me ID this bag?

  1. hi, guys. i saw this bag at thebaghag blog and loved the blue "laptop" case type bag in the bottom(the one i put a red circle around it). can somebody ID this? and would you know how much it is?

  2. Call the Chanel 800#

    This is the new window display and so the customer service reps will be able to easily help you.
  3. this bag is for VIP as well as for display. Not sure if it is on sale. however, I know that one is on sale in an auction site at the moment.
  4. we have this ad in our Reference Forum as well:yes:
  5. i got the answer already, my friend went to a chanel store and had asked about the bag. it's only for display use only. too bad, it's really a cute bag.