can somebody explain this to me??

  1. hello!

    so, i just got back from vacation and i was super excited to go...we took a cruise and one of the ports of call was st. thomas... which had an LV store... i figured, coming from canada, it HAS to be cheaper, and this was my opportunity to pick something up for less then what i'd pay here (especially since the dollar is near par).... oh was i wrong.

    i checked the prices on eluxury before i went. an azur speedy 25 is $595usd.

    in st.thomas... it was $630 usd!!! ....... which i believe is the same in cad!

    what's up with that??

    i was soo disappointed :sad:
  2. LV's are different prices all over the world! Of course they are going to be higher in tourist areas! I am glad you did your homework before you left home!
  3. Oh i am so sorry you where disappointed at the high prices.
  4. oh yar the prices differ from place to place esp when there is tax
  5. Hahaha! I know exactly were you were. We were there a few years back. Anyway, in general, it's very expensive in the Virgin Islands. We stayed in one of the resorts out of town and everytime we'd go to town, we had to pay $25 for 2 people for a taxi and another $25 to go back. Sorry for the O/T.

    LVs differ in prices all around the world.
  6. Sorry to hear that, that happened to me when I went to Manila...I thought everything would be luck everything was 3-7 % higher.
  7. LOL! ok as long as i kno im not the only one who's been disappointed. i felt like such an idiot..!!

  8. I know that I was surprised that I spent more in HI, but now I know that I should've expected it.
  9. It'd be logical, then, to assume that there's a price hike in Hong Kong as well, then, right? I'm going there this Thanksgiving, and my boyfriend's been telling me all about the store there...
  10. St. Thomas has an LV?? Where? We are going in November and have been several times. I can't remember seeing an LV Boutique.
    As far as the prices are concerned, you are going to pay the same pretty much anywhere. On the plus side, however, you didn't have to pay sales tax. I bought my first LV in St. Bart's, which is a French island. The price there wasn't any different than in the states, except no sales tax -- and I had to declare the bag for Customs. I'm still not sure how much I paid for it, because the price was in Euro.
    It sounds like they jack up the prices in St. Thomas. In the old days, St. Thomas was a great place to buy anything -- liquor, jewelry, linens and electronics. Today, not so much. I believe they inflate the retail price and then "discount" back to a normal price.
    Only, I believe LV doesn't allow discounting anyway.
    The best deal I ever got on any handbag was in St. Martin (the French side) for Longchamps. There are Longchamps stores all over the Caribbean with good prices, but on the French side of st Martin, the prices were exceptional.
  11. judy..... the store in st.thomas i believe is new. It's at some new "mall" off the port called.. yacht something. sorry i can't be more specific. we just asked someone in one of the stores and they directed us...

    have a great trip!
  12. i have a friend who lives in hk and claims its much cheaper to buy there.