Can somebody confirm this color for me please?

  1. Is Christinas bag peanut? I have found a patchwork stam in peanut (for a great sale price) but it will be shipped to me so I can't see the color before I buy. Any feedback on the peanut patchwork stam? Or pics? TIA!

  2. Looks like Peanut to me :yes:
  3. Here is a link to the Patchwork Ines in Peanut
    Same bag Christina has but more pics...
  4. Thanks! I think I am going to go for it! The bag is on sale for $612 plus I have a $100 Barneys purple card so my price will be $512 plus tax. I have been looking for a good neutral bag forever!
  5. Let us see pics when you get it!!
  6. yep it's peanut, there was a peanut stam at Barneys for 612$ now.