can some one please help me with this

  1. does
    do price adjustment like if you buy something from and then see it cheaper at another website?
    if so how do you go about it
    i never done this before
    please help
  2. Hmmm...I know Nordstrom does price adjustments, but their customer service is :tup:. You should try calling NM and talk to their CR dept. I would call more than once if they say NO the 1st time. You may have better luck with other reps.
  3. FYI, I asked about this last month when I bought a cashmere sweater in the store and then saw it cheaper on line. I was told that the website and the store are totally different and that they do not match prices between the 2. The SA said that an instore price adjustment is up to the manager's discretion and that they don't have a set policy for it. While it sounds kind of punitive for the consumer, I also realized how many bags I've gotten online at the NM website that weren't on sale in the store.
  4. That's been my experience as well - the stores and website seem to operate completely separately for the most part, but I agree about the website having some great bargains - I got a Fiore bag there awhile back for 75% off!