Can Some one, any one give me more info about. COACH SMALL LILY, PLEASE

  1. HI... OMG, I just heard that Coach is doing a small lily, this is a got 2 have it!!! If you know price, size, when, where, etc. Please let me know, I think I am having a panic attack. I really don't want to miss out on the small lily so girls fess up :boxing:
  2. where did you hear this? I just bought the "big" Lily, but a small one would be nice.
  3. The Small Lily satchel No. 11625 will be priced at $768. It will be available to order the 2nd week of November. It will only be offered in black initially. More colors may be added later. Good luck getting one!
  4. I was talking with a SA from and she told me but she did not now for sure what colors or have any measurements. I may call them back and see if another one (SA) knows any thing. I will let you guys know.
  5. Thanks.
  6. the last time i checked with my SA about lily and that was a cuople of weeks ago , she had no idea about it. quite strange....
  7. It will also be available in camel the second week of November-I heard the black and camel will be very limited quantity initially-Supposed to be available in mahogany, rose and teal eventually:yahoo:
  8. If it's coming out so soon I wonder why it's not on the drilldown yet...I can't wait to see a pic!! Has anyone seen it in the look book at the boutiques?!
  9. I'm just curious where the information is coming from? Not that I doubt it at all, just curious. I work at Coach and haven't heard anything about it but I might not know where to look. I would love to know!
  10. Here's a sketch a cust. rep. e-mailed me
  11. Also it looks like it has the same Coach cursive brass buttons like the Thompson line-So excited! Can't wait to get it!!!!!!
  12. Hi... I personally called yesterday and spoke with a SA there. She told me they are coming out but did not know measurements, colors , etc, exactly yet. Good Luck to us all on getting one as she (SA) also told me there are only about 60 :wtf:
  13. do we think this bag is going to be almost as heavy as teh big one.
  14. OMG I love this bag! I may be returning my whiskey Lily for this one…but I don't want black because I already own the '06 legacy satchel in black…I wish this was coming out in whiskey…does anyone know if this has the kisslock coin purse on the back?
  15. called CS for more info. It's coming out in black and camel. Measurements are 9 x 12 x 6 so it seems like it will be along the same size as the '06 legacy satchel. I only wish it were coming out in clay or whiskey...I already own the '06 legacy satchel in black, and I'm not sure if I can really picture this bag in camel...

    Any thoughts on the camel colored legacy bags? I really really want this bag in exchange for my larger Lily...I'm just not sure on the colors...:s