Can some Euopean burberry lovers fill me in on the prices of the Burberry trench coat

  1. I Would love to buy a Burberry trench next month in spain. On the burberry site they are about 1k but i've heard they are mone exspensive in europe. can anybody help?

  2. They were about 700 € at the Mall outlet in Italy, so I think they go for 1000 - 1200 € retail price
  3. I don't understand why they are more exspensive in Europe since its an european brand
  4. from the UK Burberry website, a trench coat cost between 560-700pounds, depends on the style. I saw some trench coat with detachable fleece layers and they cost 800pounds. If you purchase the one without the detachable warmer, you can buy them separately at a price around 160pounds. Hope this helps.
  5. The trench coats are beautiful.
  6. This year I bought a summer (beige) trench in london: £550 and in 2005 I bought a winter trench (thicker materials) for about €950 in Rome... Where I live they are around €900..
  7. The burberry trench is gorgeous. I am hoping to pick one up from the outlets (last seasons)
  8. tnx everyone. Maybe i'll bite the bullet and buy one. I need a thick one because we are not know for the great weather. But speding so much money on clothes is hard for me