Can Shiny/Crackly Ever Be Good?

  1. Hi all - finally found a black city ('07 3 leather) that was gorgeous when I tried it on (others I have seen IRL were 06 dry, greyish and veiny and no pizzazz - was almost going to give up on black city) and the handles are very comfortable and the bag felt quite natural on me. Sold!!!

    But I am worried now because there are some parts that are the shiny/crackly/almost sparkly - not all over, just in some areas. The bag overall is a beauty and pics look like '05 leather (im still a newbie and can't figure out how to post pics small enough for TPF). Is this just dryness? Newness? Does it soften and become 'chewy' or what? Will the sparkly/crackly areas actually peel and crack?

    Based on what I have read here, seems like this is an undesirable trait but I think it is what is making this particular bag sizzling hot!

    Any opinions?
  2. Why dont you try by moisturizing the bag?
  3. I think its a personal preference thing. I presonally like it when my bag isn't perfectly, evenly distressed. I would rather have a shiny, crackled bag than a really smooth one. Shiny, crackled bags break in nicely in my experience - they soften up quite a bit.
  4. how do the crackles look when they soften/breakin? I've only had the bag for 2 days so mine is still stiff
  5. If this is what you think makes the bag H:nuts:T then that's all that matters! :yes:

    I personally never treat any of my bbags: I love they way they naturally break in and developed more vintage characterists.

    And btw: CONGRATS!! :yahoo:


  6. I completely agree!
    I LIKE my bags shiny and veiny even if others on here don't :tup:
  7. its really a personal preference.... I personally dont llike the dry crackly leather...
  8. I don't think shiny / crackly / thin is a good combo
  9. All new BBags are shiny – the shine wears off with use, so an old bag that has not been restored and is still shiny has less wear.

    Veiny (I suppose this is what you mean by crackly) is a personal preference (I love veiny). But veiny to the point where you can see the leather peeling is another matter.
  10. "...I think it is what is making this particular bag sizzling hot!"

    If you think the bag is hot, then the bag is HOT!!
    Enjoy it and it will just get better and better with use!!:yes: