can she really complain already?

  1. okay.
    this lady won an auction late sunday night and paid immediately. so i did postage via paypal and sent it out monday before i went to class.
    i got an email today saying that i was RUDE because i never sent her an email about receiving payment OR shipping out. my response was, i was pretty sure paypal sent an email when you did postage on paypal (right?). it was sent priority, so it should be there today.
    BUT she says she's calling her cc company today and getting her money back because i'm a "lying and cheating" ebay seller who was "scamming people and keeping money". how on earth is that possible?! it's been THREE days!
    i mean, i honestly can't see anything i've done i missing something?
  2. Nope, you've done nothing wrong.
    I only get an e-mail form the Seller about 1/2 the time, so I have to asume they know I paid and I have to assume they shipped it.
    You have no obligation to report back to her when you received payment or shipped it.
  3. now, here's the problem that i know she'll complain about...i took the package into the post office, but i don't think they ever scanned when you look up the delivery stuff, nothing shows up.
    is that a problem?
  4. ^^ That could pose a problem.. because you have no proof of sending it if it's not showing up..

    I don't think there's much her CC will do for her right now... considering it's only been 3 days.
  5. all i have is the payment from paypal and the stuff from there. i mean, it was only a $50 item- so there's no reason for me to pay $8.10 to fake her out and keep it. you know?
    if i have to, i'll find the video from the post office and prove it that way, lol.
  6. It's not obligatory to send a payment or disptch email, although ebay encourages you to do it.

    According to paypals rules you are supposed to send items by tracked postage. So, if the buyer claims not to have received goods, and you have no tracking number, you will automatically lose a paypal dispute. It sucks but those are the rules.
  7. Even if THEY didn't scan it, if you purchased tracking it's on your reciept.
    I hate that, that's actually happened to me a fair amount.
    I send something and then out of my own curiosity I track it and it doesn't show up :sad:
    I've never had an issue w/ the client not getting it but those few transit days rally stresses me out!
  8. but i DO have a tracking number...but right now, it's just that: a number.

  9. Oops, sorry. :shame: In that case paypal does leave a dispute item for a few several to allow an item to be delievered, this is from my experience. (Although her credit card comany might have a different policy - chargebacks are a m**f**)
  10. No need to worry Kallison. I don't think she can open a PayPal dispute until after a certain number of days have passed. And her CC company won't do anything after only 3 days.

    As for the tracking number, it won't show anything now but will show when the item has been delivered. So hang on to that tracking number. You'll need it if she opens an item not received dispute with PayPal.

    You're not missing anything; the buyer probably had remorse over the item purchased and/or is just a difficult person in general. I hope it works out OK.

    Good luck
  11. she sounds like a loon
  12. She's probably a difficult person in general. Too bad she's also an eBay-er. Some people go around just looking for reasons to get angry and attack. I don't sell, just buy (too much lol) and at least 50% of the time the seller doesn't contact me separately about shipping or receiving payment. She's a jerk.:devil:
  13. Sounds like buyer's remorse to me.
  14. This happens to me alot when I buy and get the automated e-mails...the numbers take forever to track....I am not exagerating when I say I get my items before the numbers will track, at least 50% of the time!

    Try and reassure her the item did indeed go out, supply her the tracking number, but warn her that sometimes they do take awhile to show up....

    The good news if you mailed it Monday, it should show up today or tomorrow at the latest :smile:

    Good luck! Don't stress, there's nothing you can do now.
  15. oh dear lord.
    she got the package and now i get an email saying that i didn't tell her "it was so bright" (it's a bright pink coach umbrella). now, she says i didn't accurately take a picture of it and she wants her money back because it's "not as described".
    are you kidding me?!?