Can she do this: Best Offer

Jun 8, 2006
I have been doing ebay for years as buyer and seller and have very little experience with Best Offer. In fact, I refuse to use it as a seller. Anyway, the seller wanted 400usd for a bag which included UPS, selling it as like new, but it had a pen mark on the outside of the strap. It was a Best Offer I bid 305.00 including shipping, but that's because I could not revise my offer. I was trying to get a strap for my Speedy and let her know that. However, she counteroffered with the same price she asked, saying that if no one bought of offered, that she would let it ride through the weekend. So, she has not declined my offer, exactly. So now what? My offer is still there for 48 hours. so if anyone know, pls let me know.


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May 7, 2006
I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if she can just keep you waiting? Not accept your offer? what? sorry


Feb 24, 2008
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i think she's asking if her offer will still be pending for 48 hrs and if there's a way for her to cancel her offer? am i right starbucksqueen?

from what i know the best offer is binding for 48hours...but like any can still retract your best offer...just use the best offer form..provided that ur reason for retracting it is reasonable :smile:
Jun 8, 2006
It was was confusing to me...I had made a mistake and then had to retract. But when I made the other offer, she had counteroffered with the BIN, and said she would see what other offers would come up. That's what was confusing. Sorry. I didn't she could do that. In other words, she is just wasting her time with a Best Offer. Her counter offer will expire and then that's that.


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Dec 7, 2005
the ball is in your court now and you can decline her offer, let it ride until it expires, or counteroffer her counteroffer.


Oct 16, 2007
If you don't want it anymore just decline it and end of story. She can't accept anymore your initial offer because once she submit a counteroffer for you she is declining yours.


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Okay, I am confused but if I understand your question once she offers a counteroffer you are not bound by either of your offers. So if she has countered you and you do not wish to accept either decline or ignore it. She can't hold you to any initial offer that has been countered.

Is this what everyone else thought was the question?