Can Sellers Bid on their Own Item? I didn't think so

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  1. So, there's this bag which has a bad description and only one picture from a "new" seller. Nobrainer to stay away, right? Well, it's a color I really want and if I win the auction, I pay with a credit card, so if there's any funny stuff, no problem, I get my money back.

    But look at the bidding history. Even with the bidder name scrambled, it's pretty likely looking to me that the seller is trying to bid up the price on her own item. Can they do that?
  2. That does look rather suspicious. 100% of the bids from the zero feedback buyer are for that item. However, I don't know if they can confirm shill bidding with just that one-time bid. I assume eBay would have to follow the bids for x amount of time to really determine it.

    To answer your question, no, if they are indeed using other accounts to inflate their item price, they cannot do that. It is a reportable offense.
  3. Not just 100% of the bids, the two characters in the scrambled name could be from the seller as well. I just wondered if Ebay had something in place that wouldn't allow you to bid on your own item (for instance, the software would prevent you from placing the bid). That's all.
  4. Ohhh, you mean the selling account bidding on their own item! No, you cannot use your seller account to bid on an item you're selling. eBay does not let you place the bid. But you can open a separate account and inflate the price, and that's what I meant by shill bidding (which is illegal).
  5. the title says original, being from china, when people say that it mean "good fake made exactly like the real one or from the same factory". not drawing conclusions but I wouldn't go for it unless I'm sure of where it came from :smile:
  6. Depending on who you are, Ebay will turn a blind eye when it comes to certain infractions. Different spanks for different ranks. ;)
  7. Indeed they do...
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    Yes, it just depends on where you are and who you are when it comes to shill bidding.

    I run, not walk, away from any auction where I see what I consider to be evidence of shill bidding no matter how badly I might want that item.
  9. I don't see how you can bid on an item with just one picture. I think the chances this is authentic are slim.
  10. Worse than slim!
  11. I pay with a credit card and get it authenticated the day it hits the doorstep. IF there is any doubt, back it goes. Ebay won't let a new seller have their money until everything's okay. I'd get it back before the bill even came in. I don't mind the hassle of sending it back.
  12. You will have to pay return shipping if you buy it, even if it's a fake. Also, the seller's calling it plaster pink, but Mulberry's plaster pink is a peachy light pink. Not sure if that matters to you or not (assuming you're looking for the hot pink color shown.)
  13. I'm not an authenticator but buy a lot of Mulberry and can tell you right now that bag is fake. As alisaxlee said, plaster pink is a much, much lighter pink but even forgetting about the colour mentioned in the description Mulberry have never produced a Bayswater in the shade shown in the photo. The leather grain/type also looks off to me. I would get it authenticated on the Mulberry forum.

    I know you said you don't mind paying with a credit card and doing a return if necessary but imo it would be a complete waste of time as the chances this bag is authentic are practically non-existent.
  14. Do not buy it!
  15. Okay. I had about decided to cancel my bid on it anyway. But Mulberry did make a bag in that color.