Can sellers ask for Feedbacks from Buyers?


Oct 27, 2006

I got some buyers who would leave feedbacks immediately after they received the item happily, and the others who would never leave feedback even back in 3 months...

So can we ask the buyer to leave us a feedback if they are satisfied ?? Have any of you done it ?? If yes, how would you ask ? and would you leave the feedback to the buyer first, or wait for them to leave you a feedback 1st ??

Thank you!;)

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
I haven't come right out and asked for it, but I have sent a friendly little message along the lines of "Hello, I see that you recieved your "insert item here" on "insert date here" and I just wanted to follow up with you to make sure you are completly satisfied! Please do not hesitate to contact me, if all is well please do leave feedback and I will certainly do the same for you.

that usually results in feedback within a day :smile:


Working Canvas
Aug 2, 2006
When I was new to ebay, and trying to build up my rating, I would occasionally ask a buyer to leave FB, if they were happy with the transaction. A few would email back and say that they would leave it when they have the time and I would think to myself, "well, you're on the computer now, just do it!" :smile:

I never bother anyone now to leave me FB. Some buyers do and some buyer don't. I wish everyone did but you can't force them.

What's worse is when a seller can't be bothered to leave you any!


Oct 27, 2006
you are totally right, I have sellers that still hvn't given me any feedbacks at all!!!! guess they are too busy to respond :smile:


Sep 4, 2006
United Kingdom
Some times it annoys buyers and sellers to be asked to do feedback. I would never ask, if someone wants to leave feedback they will. I know its a pain if you are new on ebay and need the feedback rating but take my advice do not ask them to do it.


Oct 27, 2006
Some times it annoys buyers and sellers to be asked to do feedback. I would never ask, if someone wants to leave feedback they will. I know its a pain if you are new on ebay and need the feedback rating but take my advice do not ask them to do it.
that's 1 thing that i m scared of too... that's why i haven't taken any action yet ;)


I agree.... I don't like having feedback left for me after needing to ask.... Someone here once mentioned they read some feedback where the buyer said "Here's the feedback you so desperately wanted." Ugh, I'd never want that!


Jul 27, 2006
I wouldn't do it. If someone wants to, they just do it. If I sell something, I wait for the buyer to leave fb first. If I buy something, I leave fb within a few days of getting item. Be patient. They give you 90 days to leave fb anyway.


My baby, Bellis
Aug 8, 2006
I think the seller should be the first to leave feedback. As the buyer I have already completed my part of the deal by paying for the item. I hate sellers that won't leave feedback for you until you leave it for them. If you are that worried about getting negative feedback about the item maybe you have reason to worry? I ALWAYS leave feedback as soon as I receive the item.


Jul 15, 2006
i only leave feedback for buyers after they leave it for me. just as a safety net in case they leave a negative for no reason, you know? there's very little reason for a seller to leave a neg for a buyer if they left them a positive, but a less than honest buyer might start a chargeback procedure or whatever even when they got the item, and not having left them feedback makes that a tiny bit less likely. as far as i'm concerned the transaction is over then they've received the item and are happy, not when they've paid because payments are reversible. right now i'm holding off leaving feedback for one buyer because even though she paid immediately she sent me a message asking if she could have a refund if the item didn't fit AFTER receiving it because she said that she saw my auction said i accept returns within 7 days. i've NEVER accepted returns. so i feel a bit uncomfortable about it and don't want to leave feedback and won't until she has done.

and as for asking for feedback... i don't bother, but i have a decent amount of feedback. i think it's ok to ask for it once per transaction/buyer/seller, but if you do lots of times you might get something along the lines of "here's the feedback you were so desperate for".


i <3 twn
Jul 11, 2006
i think you should be able to ask, so many sellers rely on feedbacks and for me as a zero feedback person... I was seeking as many feedback as possible, to build a base. Sometimes ppl forget, doesn't hurt to remind them...



Nov 21, 2006
I personally hate it when people hound me for feedback. Sometimes I'm too busy to and they should just understand that feedback is something you should do but are not required to.


Jan 12, 2006
I hate it when people hold my feedback hostage "I'll leave it if you do" :yucky:
If you're happy, leave feedback, almost everytime it WILL be reciprocated.
If there wa sanything remotely wrong I can understand wanting to wait for the pother person.

I don't have a problem w/ people checking in w/ me to make sure I'm happy and gently reminding me to leave feedback.


Oct 3, 2006
I am a seller and I do not leave feedback until the buyer has left me positive feedback. I do not view this as holding it hostage....

Please understand from the seller's perspective - if a seller leaves a + FB right after payment is made, this opens the door for many problems..

The transaction isn't truely over until the buyer received the item and is satisfied with it.

If, as a seller, you leave + FB after payment is received. Okay. Great. Then is it STILL a A++++ transaction when...

-The buyer files a paypal chargeback
-The buyer claims he "never received the item", even though DC# says it was delivered
-Buyer claims the item you sent him is dirty and full of holes. It was NWT when you sent it out.
-Buyer wants to return a purse. You say it's okay. Buyer does a switch-a-roo and sends you a fake.
-The buyer pays via personal check and it bounces

....and so on.

In all of these cases, the buyer can slap you with a negative...and because you have already left + FB, you really have no recourse. After all, you already said he was an "A+++++++++++ eBayer!" .....