Can seller do this?

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  1. I won a bag on Monday and paid straight away via paypal. Payment showed as pending, I emailed the seller letting her know that I won and paid and if she could let me know when she'll ship the bag.

    Paypal still showed pending today, so I emailed her again (hope that's not classed as harrasment) asking her if she'd prefer a different method of payment and she finally emails back saying that she's had trouble with this account (it was a new account) and she'll be closing it and relisting the bag with a different number.

    Can she do that? :sad:

    Thanks for your advice.
  2. no.

    she can't not give you the bag because HER account is having trouble.
  3. Absolutely not!
    You won her auction and paid.

    She cannot relist. It sounds like seller's remorse!
  4. Thanks Swanky and Gro
    I got the bag for a really good price, suppose I can't make her sell it to me if she really doesn't want to. Anything I can do? It's still showing in My Ebay as waiting for payment.
  5. sounds like she is going to try and sell for more. why would she not want to figure out whats going on with her account as you paid. she rather relist and pay ebay fees again, sounds a little funny.

  6. Ditto to the others.

    Report her to eBay with all the details:
  7. A BIG NO NO! Report her. She probably had another offer from someone and giving you a run around. That is so not nice.

  8. I cannot understand why the status is pending when you have paid her, usually it just says pending when waiting on an e check to clear, most peculiar but in answer to your question NO she cannot do that to you. You are not at fault in any way & she must let you have the bag & not relist it.
    Definitely report her to ebay.
  9. Yes, report her, & if she was lying about being in trouble with her account, she ain't seen nothing yet!:cursing:
  10. no way! she put it up for auction, and you won it end of story! if there's a problem on her end, she needs to fix it, not relist it... if she still insist on relisting, definitely report her...
  11. yeah - it is a binding contract - once the auction closed and there are bids on it - the sell should sell it!

    did she even give you the money back? and on my ebay - you can always change the payment thing as paid - you should also have reciepts and such for paying the item when it went through paypal - you should really talk to the seller - she can't re-sell it - especially you already paid for it!

    So if anything goes awry, then report her on ebay - and also report her on paypal to get your money back!
  12. You're entitled to the handbag.

  13. Yea, BUT. I had a seller do that to me. I won, I paid, and in 2 minutes flat she returned my money and said she made a listing error. Ebay did NOTHING to her. A power'stealer'seller of course. Ebay said that a seller can cancel bids and sell or not sell with their decretion. None of their answers made sense since I did not BID, I bought it now, and paid and she refunds my money. THAT is not descretion thats is breaking selling policy!
    I never got the bag.

  14. Whelp, I guess that throws "entering into a mutual contract" right out the window!!

    Ug. Im such a stickler for "rules".
  15. Me too, leo - not to get on my judicial "soap box" here, but eBay thrives precisely b/c of reinforcing mechanisms like non-paying bidder reports, SNAD claims, etc. This is how the world of contract law works. She has NO RIGHT to back out of the contract. I would contact eBay via telephone and wouldn't stop pestering them until she completes the sale.