Can SAs see JAX stock like CS can?

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  1. Hi, I have question for you Coach experts. I had used my PCE to purchase a Mini Tanner via phone order. Received it and it didn't work for me so I returned it to FP boutique this weekend. I decided to exchange it for a Kelsey, but then remembered I had used a PCE on the Mini Tanner. So I asked SA to just give me a merch credit and I would use that when I get my next PCE to order Kelsey so it could be an even exchange.

    SA says there are only 12 black/silver Kelseys left, and only in stores (none at JAX). I said surely JAX has more coming in, and she says no, only a red color is coming in no more black. Being stuck like that, I went ahead and placed the order for them to have another store send me the black Kelsey. This meant I had to pay the 25% difference instead of getting the even exchange I was wanting to do.

    Today I call Coach cs and they say there are 500 of the black/silver on order to come in on the 15th! Why didn't the SA tell me that, I totally would have waited. This irritates me, but perhaps she couldn't see that JAX was getting more in? I want to believe she didn't withhold information to make me do the sale right then instead of waiting for the PCE like I wanted to.

    Thanks for reading and letting me vent, and if anyone knows if SAs can see what's coming in to JAX I would appreciate learning about that.
  2. I know the feeling - it sucks. I wouldn't put it past the SA to hide that info from you. I also think it really depends on what SA you get - sometimes if the SA is nice, they have the power to do things like give you the PCE on your Kelsey anyway.

    For example, last week I returned a phoebe I bought in October with a PCE. She let me exchange for new merchandise and gave me the PCE discount on my new items...I think it really depends.

    I know it's extra work but if you want the discount, you could always return and rebuy when the next PCE comes out
  3. I know they can see, because we just had a store order boots for DH and they showed us, but she may not have been able to see what was on order? I agree though, she should have been able to offer the PCE since you were exchanging, but maybe that's part of this new plan of theirs. I think I'd call and tell her to cancel the order, tell her you called Jax yourself and know they are getting more in, so you will indeed be able to save the 25%. But I'm kind of that way. :blush: :biggrin:
  4. Thank you both for the replies I appreciate your opinions.

    I called to see if they could cancel the order and they said it shipped a couple of hours ago. They said they typically don't do price adjustments, but I could call the store manager and see what he says. I'm guessing it would mean I need to return it and then wait for PCE (which crossing fingers shouldn't be too long). Not sure if I'm going to do that though, just thinking things through.
  5. Even if the SA had been correct, it still might not mean anything. I ordered the lime duffle with PCE because both the phone rep at JAX and my local SA said there were only 50 left at JAX. She said that didn't include the number that were in stores. Then it ended up on FOS and took a long time to sell out, so they must have had a lot more than that.

    I think the SA just was trying to push the sale. I had one do something similar to me. I ended up rebuying it with PCE and returning the one I bought from her.

    There should be a PCE soon for Valentine's Day. I would wait until then to return and tell the SA you are going to reorder it with PCE. Faced with that, she would be stupid to not give you a PA.
  6. Thanks for the reply and for sharing your experiences. I think you're right, I will see if I get the next PCE and then bring the bag to the boutique and will return and rebuy if it comes to that (and I hope it doesn't). And I have learned my lesson to do my own research before blindly believing SAs :lol:
  7. I have had the recent experiences that the sa have no leeway with pa, especially pce or even exchanges with pce once pce over. Prior to now I could go in without my codes and they had list and would honor pce, as well as let me purchase multiple times during the pce. I didn't get one now,so no purchases for me have over $700 order waiting on pce , but they said no codes no exceptions. I for one not happy . Coach apparently really cracking down . I will have to either get a code or wait . Don't buy full price.
  8. Sorry that happened to you. Since reading about their policy enforcement change I felt better about what happened. Turns out the Kelsey wasn't for me so I returned it at the outlet and got 2 Phoebes instead. Those bags are perfect for me, I've already clipped the tags on both so my story has a happy ending :biggrin:
  9. I have phoebes large ones love them also was huge Maggie fan and new cafe carryall also similar
  10. I'm convinced that the SA at FP stores tell you what they think you need to hear in order to make a sale. I've learned that the hard way and I don't fault them, but that is the way it is. Last fall, I was loving all over the small madison in twisted teal and the SA, after checking this and that in the computer, announced that there were only a handful left in circulation with no more on the horizon. Of course I bought it. So last week it shows up online and in the outlets.. Am I upset? No, because I love the bag but I did learn a lesson or two.:thinking:

    I have also gone in without pce codes and the ladies just give them to me if I ask. I don't believe they have any list or way of seeing who got one, at least at my FP store. I will add that I live in a smaller town and the volume of sales isn't as great. I think they are thankful for any sale they can get and will give a pce to anyone who asks if that means a sale for them.
  11. Your customer profile shows SA's weather or not you are eligible for the current promotion. There is also a PCE list that comes out for for the SA's who's customers are in their client track. So yes there is a list of customers who have PCE's

    And in the system it is not always shown whats coming in for colors so at that time she may not have been able to see that black were on order, so no she may not have been playing you. She would have made the sale by offering to put you in client track flagging the black color and calling you for the sale when it was back instock.

    oh and the PCE rules are changing so when you go in now.... they cant just give it to you if you dont have the card or email... they can then check your profile in the system to see if you have the PCE if not no more discount... its company wide now.
  12. Then why have I been offered the pce price before getting to the register? They don't know me by name and have no way of looking up the information.
  13. They want to make the sale, that is why

    I know some store will offer you the PCE and others won't

    I was in a store that wouldn't offer and the cute pregnant woman was there picking out her baby bag that her best friend was buying her, the SA talked up a storm with her but no offer of the PCE, when the SA stepped away, I congratulated her and told her what a nice friend she has and then gave her my friend PCE and told her she was my new friend :P
  14. That was so nice I think its so nice to be able to get someone else a deal. Years ago I brought bags full price when a friend introduced me to Coach didn't get deal then. I brought my Sophia full price then they sent me discounts,. wont buy full price again.
  15. I have always been offered the PCE even if I didn't have a card or email. If I new it was happening and mentioned it I was given it. Not any more. My SA told me that from now on they won't give it to me unless I have been sent one by coach. She said they also will no longer honor the PCE on exchanges unless it is the same bag in a different color.