Can Sale-stamped items be serviced?

  1. Curious, can bags or leather goods stamped with an "S" be serviced?
  2. Apparently yes. The only ones that can't are the shooting stars ones.
  3. oh, that is good information! (bad news for my checking account)....
  4. Thanks Rose. While I can understand marking a bag a craftsman's bag with the shooting star, I am wondering what the purpose of marking a handbag as a sales item is. Is it to prevent people trying to return the item at full retail value?
  5. I guess so. LZ for example does charge less for their S marked items. I am also not sure about the return policy of 's' marked items to the store. They may be 'final sale' with no store credit option.
  6. Yup S items are marked final sale; I also discovered that at least at one store, sale items were unceremoniously dumped into a white paper bag, stapled, and sale scarves were not given with boxes.
  7. Yes, that was my experience at the NYC sample sale last year.
  8. :sad: too bad there isn't a sale Hermes near me!! I want a plisse!!
  9. Wow..all very interesting! I can't blame them, is a business and they need to protect their profits....(even if they seem high to begin with)...
  10. NYC is a short flight away.....
  11. It was my first sales experience and I was taken by surprise. I can understand why...but the stapling was a little disconcerting! :yucky:
  12. Yes, I am not a fan of stapling! What I found even more horrifying was that we had to surrender our bags :wtf: before we entered the sale in exchange for one of these white bags. We were only allowed to bring our wallets and cell phones onto the sales floor.
  13. DH and I were suprised by the plain white bags at the sale. :p The GPs that were on sale in SF were not stamped (I checked lol) but I wonder if they did stamp them when they were purchased? :shrugs:
  14. hehe, I should go there and meet up with you Rose!!
  15. Definately!