Can reissues be used in the rain like caviar flaps?

  1. I have recently fell in love w/ reissues due to how much I loved my caviar flaps.

    One of the main reasons I love caviar flaps is due to thier durability and the fact that I can carry it in the rain w. no worries.

    I know that reissues have softer leather but what about the water factor?

    Can those be carried in light rain w. no worrries or is that a no-no?

    I should have really thought about this before i went reissue crazy. i don't want to have to baby my bags in the rain like i do my LV's. That's annoying.:sad:
  2. I would not recommend it, but I have got caught wearing it when it started to drizzle, and the spots did dry okay.
  3. I don't even have the nerve to try. LOL!

  4. So the water does not just roll off like a caviar bag?
  5. I don't let my reissue get wet. It's too special... and I don't say that about many bags.
  6. I got the first few small drops at the beginning of a light drizzle and the waterdrops did not roll off like on a caviar bag.

    I definitely feel the reissues are more high maintenance than anything in caviar. Besides water, I feel they're more susceptible to potential scratching or rubbing.

    However, saying that - I still think they're much more durable than the regular lambskin flaps! :yes:
  7. No, never. FW 2006 reissues were made of distressed lambskin so my bordeaux reissue has never seen rain. Newer reissues will come in metallics so it has a protective sheen over it. But I would never risk it.

    Reissues are high maintenance and non-versatile bags. Period. Oh so lovely though!
  8. Yikes.
  9. The one good thing about reissues is the leather is so distressed that if it had a spot, or scratch it wouldnt be noticed that easily. Nothing is like caviar though, that's why I love caviar. But caviar is just not as pretty or luxurious looking as other leathers imho.
  10. No, it actually left little wet spots on the bag. I was so scared it would leave rain spots, but luckly it did not.
  11. I wanted to make a post about this... Still haven't used my grey reissue yet lol. It's raining a little here today, glad I didn't use it.
  12. Lets face it, there's NOTHING like caviar!
  13. Good point!
  14. Oh sooo scary anne! I don't wanna be caught in the rain EVER. with my reissues...

    How about the patents?
  15. my reissue got caught in the rain as well and where the rain came into contact with the leather, dark waterspots appeared :wtf: BUT like Michele has said, these spots disappeared upon drying.