can pls someone explain me this?

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  1. I might sound completly stupid but what is the "sales items"????
    some items that has an S stamped or when the tag is cut (in canvas bags)
    can pls someone explain me ???
    sorry if this was asked too many times or if it is a very fool question
    but I couldn't find anything about it
  2. Not foolish, at all, Antonio.....the Sales stamp ( looks like an S inside a circle on the leather of the bag or other Hermes piece, usually beside the Hermes logo ) indicates a piece that is offered during the Hermes sales. Many times these are offered to VIP clients first, then, later to others.

    These pieces can be maintained/repaired/cleaned by Hermes as can other Hermes pieces bought at regular Hermes prices.
  3. tnx darling u r the only reply I got
    :p everybody is always so nice in here :biggrin: