Can people tell that a Cerf bag is a Chanel?

  1. :tup:I was also wondering can any age group of women carry the Cerf bag?
    Thank you!
  2. I do like it for business purposes but as an everyday bag, no as IMO it is a tad aging
  3. I am 39 and have two of them and I DO carry them for work AND everyday ....

    look at the pics of the Olsen twin (forget which one) I don't think it looks aging at all .... JMHO :p
  4. I like the Cerf for the very reason that it does not look too "Chanel"... if it were bigger, I would have one!!
  5. It's not the typical "chanel" bag, but it's definitely a classic. I do notice that when I carry it, the "CC" is hidden by my arms. If you want a bag that yells Chanel, then the Cerf is not it. I'm still in my 20s, and I love this bag. It's understated yet classic.
  6. I'm 47 and NEVER dress up. I am as far from classic and polished as one can get yet still love my Cerf and find it looks really cool with everything casual from shorts and a cami to jeans and cowboy boots.
  7. i agree...i am loving my cerf and have a very casual style, much more downtown and kinda offbeat...the ccs are subtle and often hidden when i carry it on my shoulder (which for me is actually part of the appeal) :sneaky:

    eta...i just wanted to note it is structured at first but mine got broken in and softer and slouchier very quickly (i have the new silver cc style)
  8. I think it's a great work bag. In all honesty, your every day person likely has no idea what many of these bags are, nor what they cost. I don't think the Cerf is too "Chanel" looking... actually, I think it has more of a Hermes look than Chanel but that is just me.

    Very polished and pretty.
  9. Oh wonderful! Because I don't want to look old carrying the bag. I myself am 42, and I like to look young. I do carry alot of things. But I kinda want people to know that it's a Chanel though. Oh! Yes, when I first saw the bag...I thought it was a Hermes bag too!
  10. Cerf is probably the most un-Chanel bag I have ever seen. In fact when it first came out the SA told me that she thought it looks like a Hermes with certain bits chopped off...(!). :sweatdrop:

    If you would like to have a Chanel bag that screams CHANEL, then I agree that Cerf probably is not the bag you're looking for. :nogood:
  11. yeah the cerf is probably the most understated chanel, but it is a lovely bag.
    If you want something that screams chanel, cambons come to mind.
    The flaps are another great choice, classic chanel.
  12. The "layman" person (lol) wouldn't know the Cerf was a Chanel. Only us crazy Chanel women and anyone who knows their bags would know it was a Chanel from a mile away just by looking at the shape of the bag.

    Sometimes it's nice to carry an understated bag that doesn't scream logos. This is def the bag!

    Other times it's nice to have a loud
  13. I love the cerf because it is not trendy. I think it's a very classic looking bag and can be worn most any time. I have taken it shopping, to the movies, and to casual dinners. I like that the logo is small and does not scream LOOK AT ME.
  14. :roflmfao: I agree!! The cerf's a beautiful understated Chanel but I would hazard a guess that not many laymen would know that it was a Chanel.

    Although I personally prefer it as a work bag, I don't really think it's restricted to any particular age group.

    If you are looking for an understated Chanel bag, this is a good choice. If you're looking for something that screams Chanel fr a mile away, this is NOT the bag for you.
  15. maybe try the gst- very chanel looking yet classy