Can people cheat you on shipping fee?

Nov 20, 2007
The same thing is kinda happening to me. I was selling a bag to US people only and this girl asked if I would send it to Canada if she won and I said yes but she might have to pay more then my shipping price because I was not sure how much it would be. She agreed to this and I am just going to the post office to get an estimate and let her know and then I will ship it out after the okay and payment.
Your case is different. In the auction you stated a shipping fee for US. In thread poster's auction in reference, it had shipping fees for different locations. For you it is not a binding contract unless you stated $x to Canada.


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absolutely don't pay more than was stated in the auction.

I am with Swanky, the seller has to make sure it gets to you and if it doesn't you will win the claim. HOWEVER, to be on the safe side I would pay the original $5 in the auction for the insurance and then if there are any problems it is her fault for not listing the correct price, not your's.

Actually, I just looked at auction and under insurance I missed where it said $5.

That being said, it is HER responsibility to send it tracked and to get a signature confirmation on its delivery. It you do not get your package you will win any dispute. Insurance is a seller's responsibilty which is why any shipping and handling should already include this.

AND parcel post??????? really!