Can people cheat you on shipping fee?

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  1. I just won a purse on ebay from a seller that lives in Canada. The STANDARD shipping charge comes to an amount of $ 45 and on her page she states that it is an additional fee for $5 (for insurance protection). Then she msg me and said the $ 5 insurance was for tracking the item only, and told me if i wanted full insurance protection it'll be an additional fee of $ 20. I just go another email today from her saying that she'll go to the post office to make sure how much shipping is w/ insurance. and in her msg she states that it could get expensive. (meaning maybe more than $20 on top of the standard $45 !). My question is, can she just name any price she wants for shipping cost? im confused!
  2. I believe that your eBay auction is a "contract". If she stated a flat shipping rate then I believe she has to abide by that... You'll probably get more help in the eBay forum. Those women are amazing at the ins/outs of eBay. I would see if the mods can move this there.
  3. It all depends of the price of your bag (the final price) and where is coming from, where is going to??/ etc.. my advice to you, for next time is to email the seller prior to bidding and ask for the shipping cost to your location, every professional seller should tell you or give you an idea, to avoid any "shipping suprises". G/L:smile:
  4. The seller can absolutely do that and from what she is saying, I don't think she's trying to cheat you anything. Last time i went to the post office asking for a tracking form, they told me it is addtional $20+ for tracking with USPS!!
  5. I have to move this to the eBay Forum. . .

    EXACTLY what does her shipping parameters say on ehr auction page? EXACTLY?

    Do not pay extra for insurance or anything, it's up to the SELLER to make sure the buyer gets the item.
    The shipping price on her auction terms should not be changed after the fact and should include insurance if she wants to be covered.
  6. Auction stated $45 shipping to US. Since this sale is over US$250 in value, she must abide by ebay and Paypal rules where she must ship item with tracking, signature, and insurance. In the event of a dispute, failure to do so will get paypal to rule in your favor, meaning she will lose out. Sellers can either bear extra postage at their own expense or include in the shipping cost before the auction ends.

    If I were you I'd write her a mail to mention the above, and I wouldn't pay the extra $ because legally I don't have to.
  7. She stated her price in the auction, you should NOT have to pay more. Why in the world is she shipping parcel post from Canada instead of global priority? That would give you tracking and she'd best be insuring it. Since she stated a flat fee, she should've taken all extras into account BEFORE she listed.
  8. if it helps you can go to and get a shipping estimate and it will ask you for the size, weight, signature confirmation, insurance etc....then you should have a ball park figure...
  9. The seller is not allowed to change or add on all that stuff! What is listed in the auction is what you pay. Besides $45 (unless it is Canadian dollars) for shipping from Canada to anywhere in the US should cover the shipping and insurance! She is gouging you!

    You need to report this seller to eBay before she trys to rip off another person!
  10. I agree that she doesn't have the right to change the terms of the auction AFTER it's over. If the shipping was variable, then the auction should have stated as much and then you would have had a "choice" to bid on it knowing that. I'd pay the $45.00 as listed and no more.
  11. I'm with swanky & chipmunk -- if you paid with Paypal, any insurance, tracking, etc. is to protect the seller in case of a claim. You shouldn't have to pay over the stated $45 shipping to US, which is the contractual term. If the item gets lost, you can file a Paypal claim, and you'll win if she doesn't have tracking and signature confirmation.

    That said, I know I've seen tons of Canadian members here bemoan the outrageous shipping charges of Canada Post, so it may well really cost a lot. However, the seller should have listed that upfront, not after the fact.
  12. i won a clutch from an ebay seller from canada a month only cost me $20 to have it shipped 4-5 days

    it was around $50 if i wanted it express overnight

    both prices offered insurance and tracking numbers already.

    and she even told me to check to verify the shipping fee :smile:
  13. She can't change her mind on the shipping/insurance costs after the auction is over. If she had grossly underestimated her costs and was really nice and I had gotten a really good deal, I might be prepared to chip in a little more but there is no obligation to do that. In this case, I would say $45.00 should handily cover everything and then some.
  14. The same thing is kinda happening to me. I was selling a bag to US people only and this girl asked if I would send it to Canada if she won and I said yes but she might have to pay more then my shipping price because I was not sure how much it would be. She agreed to this and I am just going to the post office to get an estimate and let her know and then I will ship it out after the okay and payment.