can pen marks be cleaned off??

  1. i have a pen mark on my BH shoulder strap. it doesn't really bother me, but if there's a way to get it off... i wouldn't mind trying.

  2. try by using eraser or magic eraser..good luck..
  3. so i just googled magic eraser. do you mean the one by mr. clean?

    thanks for your help. :smile:
  4. Use a q-tip dipped in 70% alcohol. You might want to go over the strap with a baby wipe to prevent it from drying out too much. If there is no patina on the strap at all though, I wouldnt do it.

  5. it gently and put leather conditioner like apple guard etc afterward
  6. I used regular erasers on pensils and worked great!
    just be careful not to strip the leather...
    oh and I have tried alcohol... not very good...
    the ink kinda spread on the vachetta and got more harder to remove...
    after I removed the pen mark with the eraser... I just applied apple conditioner.

    also try Lvobsessed cleaning tips under the Thread CLEANING LV
    Hope this helps:smile:
  7. Great advice everyone! Thanks. :smile: