Can Paypal Just Go Into Your Checking Account W/o Permission???

  1. Hi, I sell a few things here and there, but I was wondering if I a buyer does a chargeback, and my paypal is 0 can paypal just go into my checking or credit card on file and take the money w/o asking??? Please help. That really freaks me out if thats true!:nuts:
  2. No, they can't. However, if there's a chargeback and you don't have any $ in your Paypal account, any future money paid into that account is taken to make up for the chargeback.

    I'm still waiting to get money owed me from a year ago - doubt I'll ever see it.
  3. ^^^Yeah that.
  4. ditto
  5. same here!! no fund back as a result of a charge back from seller who did it 3 times in the same week....claimed he lost his credit card

    i decided to use google checkout instead!! free till the end of the year!!
  6. I thought they could - I issued a refund last week and didn't have any funds in my paypal account and they took it from my checking account..maybe because it was a voluntary refund and not a chargeback?


  7. Sure. If was a voluntary refund they will take it out of your primary account. If its forced they can't do anything or touch any accounts.
  8. eBay and paypal suck! I closed a paypal acct because I had lost my debit card. Then I reopened one and sold a purse and they froze my account and wanted all kinds of personal info and was acting like I was a criminal. I told them to refund the money to the buyer because I was not going to comply with their whims and they did not refund total amount they kept their fee. CROOKS they can set in limbo with this account because I will close my eBay account now and they can have it!!:cursing::cursing::cursing::hysteric: