Can Paypal Hold You Accountable for Your Roommate's Misbehavior?

  1. I posted a thread the other day about resolving a Paypal issue (see
    ), but now there's a new wrench in the story.

    My buyer now tells me that the reason her funds are frozen with Paypal is because her roommate's account with Paypal is not in good standing. They share the same address and that was enough for Paypal to put a hold on the payment she made to me. The roommate happens to be vacationing out of the country for a few weeks. She is trying to reach him so that he can contact Paypal and vouch for her. Then her account can be re-activated and the hold that is currently on the funds she paid to me can be lifted.

    Although she seems sweet and honest, I'm not sending her anything until I have cleared funds in my account, but my question is, "Can Paypal freeze up your account because you share the same address with someone else?" Anyone ever heard of this happening before and can it get fixed?
  2. Yep. Both Paypal and eBay can check to see if accounts are "linked" (such as using the same computer or ISP address). This is to prevent fraudulent bidding or scamming by one person pretending to be someone else. This helps eBay counteract shill bidding. Also, if someone owns eBay or Paypal monies and then opened a new account to avoid paying, Ebay can find them and punish them accordingly.

    Sorry you ran across this mess. And absolutely don't send anything until the payment clears!
  3. Makes perfect sense, Lushbaby. I have very little hope for this one. Why would Paypal accept her roommate's word that she has a separate account? Darn... I had this listed like 3 times as an auction, she emailed me several times on it, and when I put it up for B/O we came to a mutually agreeable price! Oh well....:sad:
  4. If they just share the same address, no they cannot do that. If the accounts are linked somehow, yes they can.
  5. I don't see why in the world they would put her account on hold because of having the same addy. You aren't sharing the same cc number which is what is taken into account. Does not sound kosher.
  6. Paypal does go by the home address so yes it is entirely possible!
  7. honestly, yes this sounds true to me. plus, using the same connection would be enough anyway. a whole other question is whether that is legal but obviously until you try to find this one out...

    why not offer her another payment method, like deposit into your bank account, bidpay, moneybookers??? or is it because you like the paypal protection (which i fully undersatnd).
  8. You're right -- I chose to receive payment via Paypal specifically because of the protection it (supposedly) offers. At this point, the money is out of her bank account and just sitting under Paypal's thumb, and she cannot afford to send me another $1000. I don't even blame her. It is just stupid and frustrating.