Can Papillon 26/30 be wearn as a shoulder bag or massger bag by using a longer strap?

  1. I was reading the thread of Petit Noe being wearn as a messager bag, that is so creative:yahoo: btw!

    So I was thinking is it possible to have papillon 26 to wear like a shoulder bag or messager bag. coz I am thinking to get one soon, but papillon 26 is a hand-held only:crybaby: .

    Anyone can show a picture of that? Appreciated:love:
  2. Only if you wear the much discuss about long strap used on the Speedy or Alma. Think some pfers might object to this creativity. (don't flame me:sweatdrop:)

  3. Why is that? :confused1: I think it is very good idea. Coz it is much cheaper to find a strap(even not from LV), transfer the papillon 26 into a shoulder bag than spending another 200 EUROS extra to buy a only 2 inch longer Papillon 30:hysteric: .

    And the extra strap can be the exact length as you need.

    But thanks for your reply!:love:

    I hope there are people who agree with me, hehe:p
  4. ^Don't get me wrong I agree with you, but there has been many threads regarding wearing a strap on a bag that was not meant to be. Some like it and some hate. I personally have and like using an alternative strap. Good luck!
  5. I love the pap on a strap idea! count me in!!! I like hands free!!!!
  6. I wonder what that would look like exactly. Does anyone happen to have a pap and a long strap? I think we need some models!
  7. no problem at all!!!:party:
  8. You can carry the pap 30 on your shoulder. I personally wouldn't add a strap to the bag.
  9. I have tried both bag in the store, but to be honest, papillon 30 is not so comfortable to use as a shoulder bag, therefore, I think to have another comfortable length strap adding onto papillon 26 will be the best way. :rolleyes:
  10. I don't know...I'm sure you could, but personally, I see both Papillon bags as hand helds and would not add a shoulder strap to it.
  11. The only place I could think of attaching a strap on the papillon 26 is on the handle hardware and I think that wouldn't look the best, especially with the existing handles getting in the way. Not to mention a papillon 26 as a messenger bag would look bad. I think if someone wants to have a messenger bag, get a messenger bag from Louis Vuitton. They make the Bosphore PM Messenger (I included a picture) that can work as a messenger and can readjusted on the strap to be a shoulder bag.
  12. ITA :yes: