Can outlet items be returned to regular coach stores?

  1. I was wondering if items purchased at Coach Outlet stores can be returned to Coach stores? I live 5 hours from the outlet store and are going there next week just in case I buy something and then regret it later lol
  2. You can return it at a coach store for store credit only.
  3. ^ i'm going to expand on that

    coach outlet items can only be exchanged or return for store credit if you have the orignal reciept and/or gift reciept.

    the usual applies, e.g. not used.
  4. Yep, I've done it before. Like what was already said before, you must have a receipt, and you can only get store credit.
  5. i was going to say what ms whitney did. i've done it. they are nice about it tho.
  6. i ended up returning a few outlet bags to the boutique...just make sure you'll USE the store credit...mine is just sitting here and gathering dust!
  7. *pms my address to you* :graucho:
  8. haha.

    i'm waiting for something to strike my fancy...after buying 3 bags and not liking any of them, i feel rather defeated.
  9. Wait until spring! I love the andrea satchel IRL.
  10. i'm flipping through the catalog now...not seeing much i like (not even the andrea).

    and i hate hate hate brass hardware. and, other than the hamptons and soho stuff, it's brass...
  11. Kallison, I thought I was the only one that didn't care for brass. I purchased the Leather Medium Duffle in Brass/Chestnut during the PCE but I'm thinking about taking it back. Unfortunately just about everything I like in the new catalog is brass so I don't see anything to exchange it for.