Can our landlord legally do this?

  1. My family and I rented two "condos" in a three unitl building (they are really apts., but the landlord likes to call them condos) in August, here in Florida. The owner lives in Chicago, and is really bad about authorizing repairs, and paying bills that are supposedly included in our rent, like trash pickup.

    Anyway, I was looking at Craigslist to see what else was available just in case the landlord keeps neglecting to do his part, and I found a listing for our condos up for sale. The whole building, or each apt. separately. The other day, someone showed up at the unit our neighbor lives in and wanted to look around inside, but they didn't let the person in, because we had no idea that this place was up for sale.

    Here's the bad part: for my apt and the one my parents live in, the lease is only signed by us, but we do have it in hand. He never sent back his copy with his signature, and keeps ignoring it. The neighbors never got a copy of their lease at all. We are supposed to be long term renters.

    So, is it legal for him to sell our apts. since we have a years lease even if it's not signed by him? (At the very least, there is a verbal agreement, but I doubt that will stop him). Are we screwed if he sells either the entire building, or one of our apartments?
  2. You need to talk to a Florida real estate attorney. Usually leases have clauses that discuss when showings are allowed. So you don't have a copy of the lease? Maybe you could tell him that you need copies for renter's insurance. Anyways you need to talk to a Florida real estate attorney who can advise you of your rights under Florida landlord-tenant law.
  3. Winternight is correct. I have rental properties in California and let me tell you that what he is doing would not fly out here, so my guess is that it is not kosher out there, either. For sure contact a RE attorney. The Florida state Bar Assoication will have a website with referrals for you to choose from. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the advice...will start looking for an attorney tomorrow.
  5. Very good advice! Good luck!