Can only pick one - Modern Chain or Luxe Bowler - Opinions please?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Since finding this forum I’ve been Chanel crazed!:nuts: :nuts:
    I used to only be into LV and Jimmy Choo and now it’s like those bag don’t even exist for me.

    Opinions please :confused1:
    I'm so stuck between these two bags and I can only get one. (Sure wish I could get both)... I would like to use the bag often so how it wears is important to me along with how comfortable it is.

    Which would you pick – the beautiful Modern Chain tote :love:
    I [​IMG]
    Or the beautiful Luxe bowler[​IMG]:love:
    (photos courtesy of the Chanel library)

    Thank you so much for your time and thoughts!
  2. MC tote.

    Do you have both right now because I think the MC tote is sold out everywhere.
  3. I wouls say Modern Chain cuz I like it better. :smile: I didn't know you could still get the Modern Chain tote. Can I ask you which store you've seen it at and where?
  4. MC Tote!!!:heart:
  5. Thanks for your thoughts -
    I found one at the Beverly Hills Rodeo store.
  6. I love the MC!
  7. MC! Its the one tote I actually LOVE!
  8. I have a Lux Bowler and really love the bag. BUT if you MUST have a true shoulder bag, then I'd suggest the MC tote. The Bowler "sorta" works on the shoulder but you either have to have the entire bag "on" your back or squished under your arm.

    They're both great bags--what colors are your options? That's another thing to consider...
  9. Thanks for your thoughts.

    My choices are the MC in red or black -- oh geez, another decision ...

    Or the bowler in a Khaki color.

    I just love them all!
  10. Both bags are beautiful, but if you have the chance to get the MC, get that! :love:
  11. If you can still find a modern chain tote in red, then definitely the mc tote in red.
  12. DO you want to carry a shoulder bag?
    If so the M/C for sure!

    The Luxe Bowler wil be quite a bit smaller and more difficult for most of us to carry comfortably on the shoulder. . . but it's SUCH a great bag if you don't need a ton of room or if you like hand/arm bags.
  13. You also mentioned you plan to use the bag often. The MC tote can get heavy if carried for long periods of time according to some of our forum members who own it. The Bowler is light but I would not recommend cramming it full with items because the straps may not be able to hold the weight.
  14. I'm a bit more of a shoulder bag kind of gal the MC in red is looking like the one :graucho: :graucho:
  15. :heart: modern chain:heart: :drool: