Can only keep one bag: Marc Jacobs or Hogan

  1. Unfortunately, I can only keep one bag. Should I keep the brown Hogan or MJ Ursula Hobo. I love how practical the Hogan is with its pockets, but worry it looks too big on me (and I love big bags)- I don't want to look awkward. One thing I'm worried with the MJ ishow well the MJ's leather will hold up over time and will it look dated?

    Here are some pics
    Hogan bag001-1.JPG Hogan bag002.JPG Cola%20Ursula%20Hobo%20close-up.jpg
  2. Stealing a picture from BagHound to show how the MJ is modeled
  3. clu, I love big bags too...but I think the Hogan is too big, it looks like you're carrying luggage (sorry). I think MJ bags hold up well, assuming you don't completely abuse it. But it doesn't seem like you're totally in love with either one....? Maybe there's another one out there for you?
  4. I agree the Hogan does look too big...I think the MJ is much nicer!
  5. I think the Hogan bag is way too big and awkward looking and that MJ is not my fav from his collection. I love the MJ multipocket hobo bags, have you considered a lg in this style ?
  6. I personally love the MJ Ursula, I'm sure others will disagree, but I think it will be around for awhile, mainly because IMO patent is classic, as is MJ push locks. (Although, maybe you shouldn't keep it, maybe you should sell it to me. :graucho: ). On the other hand, the Hogan is really nice too. It is big, but I think it still looks nice on you. I guess it really depends on whether you are interested in a bag that is more practical or not.
  7. I'd say the Ursula, but then I have an Ursula bowler so I may be a bit prejudiced.
  8. I like the MJ. Much more sophisticated. I love the quilted patent, but I love MJ in general. I don't care for the Hogan. It does look more like luggage.
  9. The MJ!
  10. I vote for the MJ, but I am biased! Honestly though, I do think the Hogan is a bit big... and I love big bags too!
  11. I'm a huge fan of Hogan, but I like the Marc Jacobs better. Plus, I think the MJ bag is more recognizable.
  12. I find the MJ more attractive, myself.
  13. Thanks everyone. I love listening to your opinions. Intuitively, I thought the Hogan might have looked too big on me- I wish it came in a smaller style. I think with the MJ, I"m worried how the patent will hold up, but I do love the style too.
  14. I'd keep the MJ. I think it's gorgeous and classy. :tup:
  15. Keep the MJ!
    I agree that while the HOGAN is seems to overpower u!