can only have one- palermo gm or mezzo

  1. Which do you prefer & whY? They are about the same price, I think.
  2. Sorry- I tried to make this a poll... Not sure if i can do that now... Thanks for your help!
  3. I would go with the Mezzo... the Palermo GM is just too much bag. Like there are BIG bags, but the Palermo just seems like TOO much.. if you know what I mean.
  4. I prefer the Mezzo. It's design is much more simple IMO. Lol i might be a bit bias becaus i have a mezzo but they seriously are fantastic!
  5. Palermo GM. I like the shoulder strap. The extra details like the zipper and the hardware are nice touches as well. I believe it is also bigger.
  6. Mezzo! For some reason, the Palermo just doesn't do it for doesn't seem 'finished'.
  7. i like the cabas mezzo over the palermo gm, but if it were betweem the piano and pm i would then go with palermo. both bags are nice, but like somone stated before the palermo gm is just too big imo.
  8. I like the palermo GM because of the extra pockets inside and the removable shoulder strap. The zipper pull is kinda cute too!
  9. The new Palermo is just so versatile !!:tup:
  10. Mezzo!
  11. Palermo, I love the soft feminine pleats. It updates the shape so it isn't just boxy.
  12. i would go w/ the palermo if for nothing other than a non-vachetta bottom. i do like the shape of the palermo better as well though.
  13. I prefer the looks of the Mezzo.
  14. Love the palermo
  15. i'm going to be no help whatsoever...:shame::upsidedown: i have the mezzo and love it - very versatile, holds a ton, classic... i've seen the palermo IRL and think it also looks to have the same features. i personally would have no use for the xtra set of handles, but the front pleat is kinda cute, as is the zipper pull. it doesn't have the vachetta bottom, so if u tend to get ur bags dirty, this might be better. in all honesty, if i had neither and had to choose, i would prob have gone for the palermo to have something newer (but don't tell my cabas!)