Can only get 1 LV....

  1. Can only get one...I have narrowed it down to the Speedy 30 with a matching wallet or the Manhatten PM no wallet. What would you do? I like roomy bags and I like is so hard to decide so, I ask fellow LV lovers what would you do????? I wish I could afford both but, not right now...does a girl need more than one mono cavas in her collection? I am an LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think the speedy with an wallet is greath!
  3. i would do a speedy & wallet.
  4. I'd go for the speedy with matching wallet.
  5. I would do the speedy and the wallet. And there is ALWAYS room for more mono. :lol:
  6. I guess I would do the manhattan.
  7. I wouldn't say I NEED more than one mono in my collection... would I like to have more than one? OF COURSE!! But since moving to an area where it is not perfectly safe to walk around with LV anymore... I have not had a strong lemming to buy more large mono items as I will not get much use out of it. (I used to live in a much safer place where everyone had LVs and back then I constantly wanted more.) So I guess where you live plays a role. Right now I am content with what I have already.

    As for speedy 30 with wallet or Manhattan? I would DEFINTELY get the Speedy 30 instead!!! It is a very versatile bag that can take you from casual everyday to fine dining. Not to mention that stlye is classic!!
  8. Speedy and wallet!
  9. I would go for speedy and wallet!
  10. Personally, I'd get both bags. You can never have enough Vuitton !! :graucho:

    And wallets and bags don't have to match, I'm usually too lazy to make sure they do anyways !
  11. I'd get two Speedy's, one in Damier and one in Mono Canvas :nuts:
    Otherwise Speedy + wallet!
  12. definitly speedy,its very roomy
  13. Speedy and wallet! :smile:
  14. Speedy and a wallet :yes:
  15. I dunno why... but I'm opposite of everyone else... I guess because the Speedy is classic and I know it will never disappear.. I just keep pushing it lower down the list!

    My vote for the Manhattan PM, it's one special mono piece!
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