Can one of my New York friens help me?

  1. OK.

    There's a scarf.

    In New York.

    The only one.

    I need it.

    Can anyone help?
  2. Sure!!! Let me know how.
  3. I am loving this!!! Keep us informed.
  4. Sure. Tell me what you need. I will be there Friday.:wlae: :yahoo: My first trip ever to the MOTHERSHIP!!!!
  5. I'm going tomorrow, GF -- pm me with what you need and i'll take care of it.
  6. I love it!!! So many NYC elves for GF!!!
  7. I KNOW! You're all wonderful.........

    OK......I've got someone on the case........
  8. Oooh!!!!!! What is it? C'mon, spill it out!!!

    It's great that our NYC mates are out there for helping out!!!
  9. There is lots of love going on here...pass it forward!
  10. I know! I can't believe how many offers I got SO fast! You guys are really fab!!:heart:
  11. ^^^^^We're not as rude as people like to think. That's just a show.
  12. lol.....hg, you crack me up!
  13. Hermes friendship. Priceless. And does it matter that we all haven't met. Can't wait for this story to unfold. How exciting! :happydance:

    K, how on earth did you locate something across the globe!
  14. they couldn't help me, but told me that, according to their records, NY was the only store that had the scarf.......LOL......I'm turning into Shopmom....
  15. ditto!
    "don't always judge a book by its cover!"