Can one have too many mono canvas bags?

  1. Just wondering if one can have too many mono canvas bags and is it ridiculous because they all have the same pattern and look ect.???:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    I am looking at the beverly and thinking it is such a nice bag but, I already have the PH, LH, tulum pm, speedy 30 and a pouchette which I do not count as a bag but, more like an accessory....I cannot justify getting the beverly because I have a hard enough time rotating my mono bags and mainly use my Speedy and PH....maybe too much of a good thing isn't so good for me...the beverly is just so classy looking and dressy....
  2. No Way! It such a classic pattern and it comes in so many different styles. Get the beverly its so cute, I want one as well.
  3. If the Beverly will fill a need that one of your current bags don't, then it would be a good addition to your collection.
    I personally don't think that you can have too many mono bags, but it really is a matter of your comfort level.
  4. Of course not....
    Just ask Kimora Lee
  5. I'm going to say no, you can never have too much mono...!
    But I am getting the itch for a Damier piece!
  6. Never!! It's classic.
  7. I'm going to say yes...I have 3 mono bags and won't be buying anymore. I neglect my mono speedy over the other 2, which leads me to believe that 2 mono bags would even suffice, although come on let's not be ascetic, lol!

    I suggest if you want to get the mono beverly that you might want to store away your LH or tulum pm, to preserve it or sell it. The beverly in the small size seems very similar to the tulum in it's purpose(both shoulder and similar sized).

    GL! I def. think you should go for the beverly though, it's really cute, modern, updated and sophisticated, can be dressy or casual, but if it were me I would get rid of either the LH or tulum or both and have the money back in the pocket.
  8. You can never have enough!
  9. defintely, NO! like everyone said mono is classic! :]
  10. I was thinking the same thing all week. Only because I really want a classic mono speedy. I already have 4 speedies (Cerises, Epi myrtille, Azur, & Damier) and 5 mono purses. Get the Beverly she is goregous.
  11. You can NEVER have too much of any LV line.
  12. I think no. You can't ever have too many! But if you find that there are bags you no longer use, why not think about selling them to fund newer ones?
  13. Absolutely not! If it was up to me, I'd have most of the LV pieces ... so go for it ... the beverly is tdf!
  14. First of all, I think the Beverly is gorgeous so I would say "yes" to getting it. Secondly, yes I do think that you can have too much of a good thing. I personally have 3 mono bags but I am selling one because I am not comfortable with having too many. So, I would sell one/two of your others to get something else. Diversity is good. IMHO
  15. Believe it or not !! I have nothing in plain LV monogram canvas. Not a fan.