can one have TOO many black bags??

  1. hi guys!!

    im seriously contemplating if i should get a black stam now that i already have black elise waiting for me. looking through my closet, all my bags are mostly black!! other than a whiskey and brun bbag, chanel bowler, old prada nylon bags, guccis are ALL black!!

    do you guys have the same problem are do you try to go bold and get those nice and bright colors? can one have TOO many black bags? :shrugs:
  2. I think I have four black bags and I am always asking myself if I really need that many. But black bags go with everything and each black bag is different so I say if you love black and that is what you like to wear, go for the black stam!!
  3. I have several black bags. All are different styles and fit different outfits and moods. Some are very conservative for the office, some are casual for the weekend, and some are just everyday bags. I enjoy black bags and tend to gravitate back to them when I'm not in the mood to pick a color. Black bags are easy for me. Get the black stam if you like the style.
  4. I don't think you can ever have "too many" black bags as long as there is some variation between the styles. Plus a great black bag goes with almost anything and black is always fashionable while color trends come and go. Stam looks fabulous in black--I say go for it!
  5. I also agree if the styles of the bag are different, it's okay to have a lot in black since the color is so versatile. It does sound like you have a preference for black so you should go for it. However, the stam is such a great bag, it would look good in others too if you feel like making a change. Either way, just go with what you love! Oh and congrats on the Elise! I love that bag too- please post pics when she arrives!
  6. i dont have enough black bags.. i have lots of like brownish bags
    i need more black since thats what i usually wear to the office and out... if u really really love the bag i say get it... black def can go with just about everything!
  7. Sounds like all your black bags are very different styles and for different purposes, so that's fine. As long as you're not buying the same black bag style over and over again...that might be a bit of a waste when there's so many gorgeous bags in other colours out there...
  8. I don't think one can have too many since black goes with everything. LOL I am finding out now that I don't have enough black bags. ;)
  9. lol i agree that black seriously works well with everything!! its just funny cuz whenever i see a bag in one always like ooo i want that...but as soon as there's black (which is the case for every single bag) im like hmmm i think ill go with the black instead!!
  10. i'm like the total opposite, i don't have ANY black bags at all. i like colorful bags, i think i should consider getting a classic black bag for real.
  11. I only have a few black bags, and I really do like those bags. However, I find myself using my more colorful bags more often.

    If you're doubting another black bag, perhaps get the stam in a cream or brown color, since it's currently available: Almond and Chestnut.
  12. ITA. =)
  13. I'm like zoinksta and thithi. I don't usually go for a neutral color like black or white for a handbag. I only have one black handbag, my small mp :P. Having a black handbag is always nice since you can match it pretty much with anything and it can be casual and formal for most of black handbags.

    If you like the color, I would say why not as long as there are different variations in each bag. I was considering to get a stam in black since black goes really well with the gold hardware and stam itself is a classic piece. It will be great to have it in black.
  14. Likewise, I don't have any black bags! I tend to like muted reds, yellows, even blues and greens....ok I like all colors. But if you're more drawn to classic black, you might want to experiment with color with something less pricey. That way if you don't carry it regularly you won't feel like you wasted the $.

  15. most of my bags are black~~~or dark colors~
    except for couple of my b-bags.
    i just love the look of black purses more than any others, and frankly, black stam is gorgeous, u can't go wrong with it!