Can one get a refund for "service" from Paypal

  1. Hi guys,

    Have a question with regard to a Paypal invoice which states "service" under description but with a note mentioning the item being billed for but it is not a service. If seller does not follow thru with shipment of item, can the buyer open a claim? Is the buyer protected?

    PS. This transaction has nothing to do with eBay
    I hope I am in the right place with this question or feel free to guide me to the right place to post this.

    Thank for your advise.
  2. NOPE, no PP buyer protection for ANY NON-eBay transaction.

    If you pay w/ a credit card, you might have charge back protection from your CC co.

    Make sure that ANY PP invoice you pay specifically states what the payment is for.
  3. Thanky Ellie Mae for your quick response. Just to be clear - on the Paypal invoice under description one can chose GOODS or SERVICE. When SERVICE is stated with an additional note to buyer - name of item being billed for, can the buyer still get charge back protection from CC when the seller does not ship the item at all?

    Thanks again for your input :smile:
  4. I don't know. That would be up to your particular CC co, so you need to ask them. PERSONALLY, I think that if you are buying GOODS, the invoice should state GOODS and then describe same appropriately.
    You be careful...
  5. I guess this is a grey area huh? Just wanted to be clear on this bit :o)
  6. I agree here. And if it is says goods (tangible item) at least buyer still have a item not receive protection from Paypal.
  7. Yes, that´s my understanding.
  8. yea I'd ask for another invoice
  9. If the invoice is for Service and not for Goods, you can't even file an Item Not Received claim, because if it is for Service catagory, there is no need to ship.
  10. Thanks meandmylouis:o)

    But if the invoice has a combination of both - description - SERVICE and then a note to buyer - description of the item which is GOODS, then what? if the buyer does not receive the item, can he/she still do a chargeback/INR?
  11. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter that the description says it's for goods if the invoice category is service. There's no item to receive if the category is service.

    You might want to call PayPal for clarification.
  12. I think what others have already stated is if the DESCRIPTION is not GOODS you cannot file an INR regardless what the person added in the notes section.

    I concur, ask for another invoice for goods.
  13. Thanks all:smile:

    I just found this on the Paypal website:

    The purchased item is a physical item that can be shipped - excluding vehicles. Services and intangible goods (e.g. cooking recipes sent by email or eBooks) are not covered.

    Good to know!!!