Can one buy just the dust bag from Coach?

  1. Just wondering if one can purchase just the dust bag. I bought a Coach bag from the outlet store last year and they never gave me a dust bag for it. Is that standard practice?
  2. Unfortunately not.
  3. yes, the outlets generally do not have a dustbag w/ the bags there.. if you are lucky, sometimes the dustbag will still be in the bottom of the purse.. but usually not. I have seen some dustbags for sale on eBay, not sure if you can get them from coach or not.
  4. How big is your purse? I have one I can send you. I don't use them!
  5. Thanks! Maybe I'll just try e-bay.
  6. My bag is a medium hobo. Thanks for the offer, that's so nice of you!
  7. I have one that should work. PM me your address and I will send it to you.
  8. Cbetht, I already sent you a private message. Thanks!
  9. hmm I have a signature shoulder duffle (I think that is the name), and I thought I got a dustbag with it but maybe I didnt (I got it in lord and taylor i think, it was a few years ago) but in any case I tore apart my closet and cant find it. Is eBay the best bet? How do I know the size or if its authentic?
  10. When I got my med choc cotton carly at the outlet, the dust bag was not inside. I called the Coach 800# and told them the situation and they sent me one free. And it was even the new silky one!
  11. I actually asked this exact question yesterday at the outlet - I bought a bag there a few years ago and it did not come with a dust bag and the SA told me that not all of the bags at the outlet do. If they come from the store then yes you should get one but if the bag comes directly from the factory then no it will not have one. I think it's strange - you can still spend a lot of $ in the outlet so you should get one if you want it!!!:confused1: