Can on a multipocket the inside pocket zipper say m8?

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  1. I have just paid for one on eBay and the seller says both say m8, on my venetia it says m8 for the main zip and m4 for the inside one, it is grass green so it is quite an old colour, would this be why? Please help as I am stressing now!
  2. No. The M# refers to the zipper size. The interior zipper is NOT the same size as the exterior. I'm sorry, but I'm beginning to think this bag is fake.
  3. Oh god what shall I do? Ask her for a refund?
  4. When you receive the bag, take some very detailed pictures and post them here. I'll get out my older MP, and we'll figure out whether it's really fake.

    Then, you'll have to ask her for a refund if it's fake, and hopefully she'll comply. I'm sorry you're stressing, but it could be that the bag is real, and everything will work out!

    You'll know more when it's in your hands. We'll be sending good thoughts your way on this one!
  5. The seller now says she has already mailed it!
  6. ^^I'm sure everything will turn out fine! Be sure to take some pics when you receive her! I PM'ed you about the zippers!
  7. I just checked the leather variation thread and it seems like the leather of the Grass color is supposed to be rather fluorescent looking, so yes I do think it is supposed to be rather shiny; that in itself is not an indication of the bag being fake. Don't worry, post pictures of the bag when you get it and then we can all help here. I do think the bag looks pretty good myself except again for the lack of pictures of the zippers; perhaps the seller just have no idea what the riri zippers are and just answers in that way to hide that fact?
  8. I bet the seller didn't even bother looking at both zippers, just the bigger one and thought that it would be the same for both. Pics will really help this mystery.