Can Noe be carried across the body?

  1. :party: Merry Christmas!!!!! :drinks:

    I'm planning to get a Noe... probably in EPI. Just wondering if it can be carried across the body as a messenger?? Is the strap long enough to do that? (I'm 5'4")
  2. I don't think you can. But it's very comfy on the shoulder!
  3. Yeah it is depending on your size. I've seen many wearing it this way.
  4. I have a red epi noe and there is no way to wear it across my body. If you're really thin it might work. Also, it's a pretty big bag all the way around, so I don't think it would be comfortable. You need a flat bag to wear cross body, in my opinion.
  5. In Hong Kong everyone that has a Noe wears it across the body.
  6. my petite noe will not fit messenger style, not even on the longest strap, i just use it on the shortest one on my shoulder
  7. i'm also 5'4" and 40 kg and i wear it sling sometimes
  8. How long is the strap when it is fully extended?

    I'm not very slim, I think I'm somewhere between medium and large (more to medium).
  9. i haven't seen someone carrying the noe across the body, i imagine it would look awkward.
  10. Could you post a modeling pic please?? :nuts:
  11. i have used my noe across the body with no problem (not the petite noe)
  12. Is it possible for you to post a modeling pic please?? :nuts: