Can Nine West Bag Straps Be Repaired?

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  1. Hi,
    I bought a Nine West bag a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the straps are already frayed. My other Nine West bags have the same problem. Is there a way to repair the straps? The bags are still in good condition so I don't want to throw them away. Also, for those who have Nine West bags, do you have the same issue with the straps? I take good care of my (Nine West) bags but for some reason the straps just fall apart weeks or months after purchase. Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't have any nine west bags, but my Mother has one and the handles are fine--it's been her everyday bag for ATLEAST a year.

    Have you tried taking it to a cobbler to see what they can do?
  3. I've had my Nine West Tote for almost a year now and the straps is perfectly fine.
  4. Thanks so much for your replies. I will take my bags to a cobbler as you recommended.
  5. You can try sewing them yourself, I have done this on several bags including high-end like Chanel and Gucci. I used heavy carpet thread and it holds wonderfully.
  6. I have been a big fan of Nine West bags since I first started carrying purses. I can truthfully say that I have NEVER had an issue with any quality issues with the straps. Although I have seen the bags at the discount stores recently (Ross, Marshall's, etc) have been of significant less quality than the bags at the Nine West stores, or department stores. At any rate, good luck with your Nine West bags, I love 'em.
  7. are the edges just frayed? you might try using edgekote which is what is used to seal leather handles. I think the sucess might depend on how much twisting/folding they get.