Can NARU seller cancel pending refund??

  1. The seller refunded me through paypal and I notice it's still pending. Today I found out that the seller is No longer register at eBay.

    Because the seller refunded me in full, the dispute seems automatically closed.

    Can seller cancel pending refund??how long till the refund clear?

    I am just worried that incase the seller cancel the refund and I can't claim through paypal again because the dispute has been close. I didn't close the dispute.
  2. Paypal payment has nothing to do with eBay. Have you contacted the seller through their email address they have on file with paypal?
  3. mmm, def don't close the dispute. maybe contact paypal with your worries in advance of the seller possibly screwing you over! that way, if things go down like you think they will, you have already had contact with the mediators about it.
    just a thought.
    good luck getting all your money back, i hate eBay horror stories!
  4. I didn't close the dispute but it seems that when seller refunded me the dispute closed automatically.
  5. So you got refunded already? I wouldn't worry about it then.
  6. ^^ No it sounds like when the seller initiated the refund, paypal automatically closed the case. The refund, itself, hasn't cleared yet. That's so dodgy on paypal's part!

    This could possibly turn out like that other thread - Something Everyone Should Know About Paypal!

    If the seller cancels the refund, or if she doesn't have money in her paypal account, which sounds like this is the case because it should have cleared immediately, you are out of pocket. And you can't complain to paypal again because the case is closed. That's soooooooooooooooooo dodgy! :cursing:

    bagsnbags - being NARUd on ebay doesn't mean anything to paypal. Try to get as much information about the seller as possible! Including phone number, emails, etc, in case you have to chase this money down yourself! Good luck with this! Hope you get your money back!

    If you paid by credit card, do a chargeback!
  7. That's the problem..
    I didn't realize that I paid with bank tranfer fund
    The contact info in Ebay isn't belong to seller
    no address except the address when I returned the item

    So at this point, I am crossing my fingers..I hate paypal in general, yes it's very dodgy operation from paypal :cursing:
  8. I have my fingers crossed for you to bagsnbags! I hope it's works out for the best!!!

    So the seller provided a fake phone number?

    May I ask how much it was? The winning price? Not including p&h? Because if you don't get it back from Paypal, you can get some it (the winning price) back from ebay!
  9. Thanks..
    It's less than $200..:sad:
  10. Oh, in that case if things don't work out with Paypal, there's ebay buyer protection:

    eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program

    So you should get most of it back, not including postage. I think there might be a time limit as well ~ 45 days? It takes ebay ages to refund you, like two months, but you should get it back.

    Hope it works out! Keep us posted!
  11. ^great, thank you..