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  1. I know this is supposed to be on the Authenticate This...thread but I need to order the Murakami NEVERFULL for a gift and needed a quick response.

    Here's 3 bags I am eying for gifts...

  2. i'm not familiar with the first two but with the third, something looks off. Also, there's no way u can get an authentic MOCA Neverfull GM for $350. The thing retails for almost $1000 and has been going for at least that on eBay.

    and if u need a quick response, the folks at the "Authenticate This LV" thread are usually pretty quick so I would post these kinds of questions there. Once I posted an authenticity question there and within 2 minutes someone responded! They're the best. :smile:
  3. There is no way those are authentic for those prices.
  4. AH!

    Im sorry, I dont think those sites are authentic, at all.
  5. Fake!
  6. Thanks for the help.. I will post there in the future..
  7. All 3 are definitely fake.:tdown::tdown::tdown:

  8. I'm sorry, but it really bothers me that people do this:sad:
    We all should be following the same rules here, no one should feel entitled to a special set of rules.
    This is closed, please respect the other members and LV mods by asking in the thread we provided, the ones you acknowledged you know about;)

    Thanks! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.