can my wallet be fixed?

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  1. i have a damier accordeon wallet where the edges are starting to come apart. does anyone know if lv or anywhere can repair it for me? my wallet it only about 3 years old.
  2. yeah they can fix it for a nominal fee.
  3. Is this what they call "Re-Glazing"?
  4. as long as nothing is cracked they can usually fix it. If it has just started you should take it in and have them look at it so they can head it off and make sure it doesnt get worse.
  5. Yeah if it's cracked there isn't anything you can do. My dad took his billfold in last year since something similar happened with it, but they said that further stitching might encourage the canvas to crack more. In that case since it was still very new, they exchanged it for him.
  6. This is on vachetta areas (that orangey colored glue) that holds 2 pieces of vachetta together. If it comes apart, they "reglaze" it and add more glue.
  7. Take it in and see what they can do.
    I just brought my monogram accordeon wallet in for reglazing today :yes:
  8. They will fix it.
  9. I would call or write them a letter explaining.