can my sidekick have an LV too?

  1. I recently got a t-mobile sidekick, and I was wondering if there is an LV small accessory that could house it. Sometimes I just want to carry my cles and phone- and if my outfit has no pockets, it can get difficult trying to carry them while out and about. My wapity case is too small, and pochettes are obviously too big. Does anyone have a sidekick and use an LV to carry it? or any suggestions? :shrugs:

  2. I use to have one and I would just carry it over my wallet.. :smile:
  3. I have the MC phone strap, but that's it. The Sidekick is pretty big.
  4. If you got the sidekick 3 then the psp holder might fit.
  5. try cigarrete case!
  6. i use my mini pochette for my cles and sidekick II (this is the older version).

    i'll post a pic when i find my digicam :P
  7. I have a sidekick 3, but its smaller.
  8. will it fit in this ?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Mini Pochette Accessoires
  9. what about the lagoon clutch

  10. that's what i'm talking about. yes it certainly fits in the mini pochette. you can even put the cles inside it too. :yes:
  11. I think the mini pochette accessoires would fit it.
  12. I use the pouchette florentine for my SK3
  13. thanks for all your tips- ihave a sk3 (i didn't know that there was a difference with its size and previous models). and i'll let you all know on which piece i decide on. thanks again!
  14. pictures of mini pochette, cles and sidekick II....




  15. I am using the tikal pouchette for my sidekick 3, it fits then you have the front pocket for all your other stuff.[​IMG]