Can my LANVIN flats be fixed...or time for a new pair?

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  1. Hi all - I know there are a ton of Lanvin flat lovers here and I'm one of them. However, sadly after 4 years of regular use, the leather on both heels has worn away and on my right shoe is actually cracked right through to the footbed. :sad:

    I've seen a lot of pictures of used Lanvins that have this same problem and think it must be a design issue with the hidden platform. That said, has anyone successfully fixed this problem? Repaired them with a patch? Or is it time to bid them adieu?

    While I love Lanvin, I can't invest this much in flats that are going to do this again. Looking at Tieks or J Crew...any suggestions?
  2. I'd fix if only the heels were worn. With the tear, I'd throw them away.
  3. A cobbler could possibly replace the strip of leather....
  4. It doesn't hurt to take it to a cobbler and ask. I've had a pair of Lanvin flats resoled because they were getting slightly thin and feel like a got a new pair.