Can my birkin PH be plated with gold?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with plating palladium hardware so that it is a gold color? How much would that cost? The birkin bags I've seen recently at Hermes have PH. I prefer gold, but don't want to pass up an otherwise perfectly fine birkin. Or can I tell myself that someday I can have Hermes replace the hardware to my liking? (I'm sure that would be pricey.) Are there any good, reasonably priced options for retrofitting PH to a gold hardware color? Thanks, ladies (and gents).
  2. If you love gold hardware, wait for a bag with gold. Hermes does not want to replace it, which wold be very expensive if they would. Having it plated by someone else would be very risky, as they woudl have to remove it from the bag.
    Gold is getting very popular again. A few years ago everyone wanted palladium. Just be patient and buy gold.
  3. ^^ I didn't know its possible.. can Hermes actually replace the color of the hardware? not can.. i mean will they accept??
  4. Sorry my answer was confusing. I have heard NO they will not replace the hardware with another color.
  5. ^^ yes that what i heard as well.. Thanks for the confirmation :smile:
  6. What if your existing hw discolors or know gets pit marks? Will they replace it or can it be cleaned and brought back to new-like quality?
  7. KB, they can replace the hardware, but it has to be sent to Paris and you know how long that takes. Also, depending on the bag the replacement can be expensive. Especially, with the Constance.
  8. I just wondered HG because only one piece of my Kelly has these pit is so odd. Luckily it is the side that is underneath, so you don't see it. It is really bizarre. Good to know for future need.
  9. Regarding the Kelly hardware, I was told they cannot replace the feet just the turnlock pieces. When I asked about this in March of this year it was $495.00 to replace the hardware and I was told it would take 8-10 weeks at a minimum.
  10. I do realize that hardware can be changed, but was told that Hermes would not change the COLOR of the hardware. If they will not change the feet, this would explain not changing the color of hardware. But never say never.
  11. you mean all the hw surrounding the turnlock (on both sides of flaps) or just the turnlock itself?
  12. If you replace the hw with gold wouldn't the ph HERMES stamp not match the hw?
  13. ^^^^Yep, that's the problem.
  14. Sorry, I meant the turnlock and all the hardware surrounding it can be replaced.
  15. My DH asked that question and the quoted 4k for the replacement of the hardware.