Can my bag be saved?

  1. So water leaked into my second bedroom in my apartment and soaked my comforter. And of course my new whiskey legacy shoulder bag i brought at the outlets this weekend was on the bed and the color of the comforter, dark blue, stained the bottom and sides of the bag:crybaby:. Is there anything I can do to get it out or am I totally screwed?
  2. oh no... I am so sorry to hear that.. I don't have a solution but hope that some one here can help you...:sad:
  3. Sorry to hear that. I have no advice for you tho, I hope the stain come out.
  4. I would try to contact a leather store like Wilsons - they've helped me get color transfer off a bag before. A leather cleaner might work, but if the dye has worked into the bag, then it might be more difficult to remove.
  5. oh no! :wtf: I am sooo sorry to hear that! Maybe call coach and see what they recommend? Good luck sweetie!!!
  6. OOOOHHH....This sounds like everyone's nightmare; sorry you had to experience it. If the advice in the link provided by Lizabet doesn't work, I would consult a leather-cleaning expert (try "leather care," or something like, in the phone directory). If that doesn't work, & the leak was someone else's doing, you might check with management for reimbursement of damanges. Heck; you might want to do that anyway . . . you definitely endured lots of damage. Good luck to you!
  7. Thanks everyone! And thanks lizabet for the link. I cant get any reimbursments. I dont have renters insurance and the management at the apartment complex arent held accountable.:sad: