Can mini noe be worn on the shoulder?

  1. I know it's meant to be handheld, but the pictures I saw of the mini mono noelie handle appear to be JUST big enough to fit if your arm is small enough. I am interested in this style for regular monogram. I know I will mostly be using it as a handheld but curious if shoulder would be a possibility?
  2. this bag, NO.. if you get that over your shoulder you are T-I-N-Y!
    elux mini noe.jpg
  3. kind of on this topic, can a regular noe (not mini or petit) be worn across the body?
  4. Yeah...I can't hold on your shoulder
  5. Haha thanks. I mean, my arm is pretty freakin small, but yeah... it was a ridiculous question. Somehow it looked like it would work from the picture. Does this mean that the mini mono noelie is bigger than the mini noe? I can get my friend's noelie on my shoulder!