can metallics be considered neutrals?

  1. i'm wondering whether a metallic (i.e. silver, gold) wallet can be matched with any kind/color bag, as a sort of a neutral? or do you think it would look best only with a metallic-hue bag...? :confused1: thanks!!
  2. I think metallics are great neutral. If you're super into the matchy-matchy, you may not like using a silver wallet with a bag that's got gold hardware or vice versa. But I think it'd be a fun way to add some "fun" to your wallet without going for a bright color.

    Metallics can transition in and out of all sorts of color combos--go for it!
  3. I totally use my metallics as neutrals! Saying that though... my opinion is that a bright metallic pink or metallic orange would not be a neutral.

    I think silver, gold, pewter, bronze, champagne are colours that are very versatile and go with a ton of things!
  4. Metallics are always neutrals for Spring/Summer. Same goes for patent.

  5. ^I agree 100%
  6. I agree, a metallic works well as a neutral.... There are some combinations I wouldn't do, like brown with silver, but in most cases it works great!
  7. I love metallics. Yes all around! Gold is amazing with everything
  8. i think Gold helps to brighten up everything. ^^
  9. yep. And I think them going in and out of fashion is over. People want to wear them and they are no longer "gawdy" - I think precisely because they do give you more neutrals . . . and to me they are fun . . .
  10. Why not?!

  11. ITA. :yes:

    They are neutral because silver and pewter are basically shimmering lighter and darker greys and champagne and bronze are basically shimmering sand and brown.

    Whereas I wouldn't tend to use a wallet with silver hardware, with a bag with gold hardware, or vice versa; I would be happy to use a silver, or pewter wallet with no hardware, in a gold bag, or in a bag with gold hardware, or vice versa. :biggrin:
  12. I consider them more than neutrals, I consider them a staple. I have loved them for many years and am thankful that now I have so many options.
  13. I think you can even mix gold and silver now - look at the Chloe bags - their hardware is mixed in some cases and they look lovely.
  14. I think they are neutral and add a nice bit of "colour" inside a bag without actually being a colour.

  15. I also think it looks lovely when gold and silver are mixed on the same bag/piece of jewellery and/or if one wears an even mixture of gold and silver/white gold/platinum items. :yes:

    But, personally, I wouldn't use an all gold hardware bag, with an all silver hardware wallet (or vice versa); unless I also wore an even mix of yellow gold and silver/white gold/platinum jewellery, at the same time. :biggrin: