Can LV win me back from Chanel...?

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  1. I've been obsessed with Chanel bags for almost a year now-- have only laid hands on, one, though, because I just can't find any that are... For lack of a better word, all-rounders. Specifically, a large-ish bag, a bag that looks good night AND day, but something elegant and luxe looking, but comfortable...

    Reignite my LV passion, I beg you! :sad: What should I be lemming?
  2. Well, for starters, we're going to need some more background (or at least, I do ^_^). What's currently in your collection (LV & not) so we can get a sense of what you're looking for, what appeals to you (and not suggest something you already have or *gasp* hate). From what you've already said, there are plenty of LV bags like that, but I'd like you to be more specific.

    Or people can just start naming things...=)
  3. Anything from the Suhali, Epi and even the Mahina's are drool-worthy! Go to a boutique or visit elux or ... I'm sure you'll find something that'll tug at your heart strings!
  4. Either way, Louis Vuitton will survive with or without you.:shame:

    I say buy Chanel & Louis Vuitton. Double Whammy!
  5. i say get both of them. haha
  6. if i could afford chanel... i'd go over to the chanel side and don't think i'd be coming back to Lv... i'm slowly getting out of the monogram thing...

    but yeah like everyone said you can always buy LV and CHANEL! =)
  7. I changed my hear to Chanel last year but it was for 1-2 months only then I back to LV :P

    Agree with SweetPurple, Suhali pieces won me back from Chanel and Hermes.
  8. If you have the $, it doesnt hurt to have both Chanel and LV.
  9. Agree with Sweetpurple and lvgodiva. Anything from the Suhali line will definitely win you back to LV. Have you looked at the Le Superbe in Black suhali? :graucho: It's super cool!!!
  10. same here! for some reason my fascination just didn't last long....
  11. I love both! It's like having more than enough love for all of your children!
  12. get LC they are more pracctical/durable than Chanel IMO....if you like Multicolor they just came out with the MC Beverly GM/MM
  13. If you have a thing for lux leather check out the Onatah, Mahina, and Suhali lines. :tup:

    I only have one Chanel. Most of their pieces seem a little too 'mature' for my taste. LV gives me more of that ageless vibe. KWIM?

    Best of luck with your decision!
  14. I don't know how everyone else read this comment, but I thought it was rude towards the thread starter. To me, it was another way of saying, "LV doesn't need you. You're just one person, and LV's business will not die without you." I thought this comment was rude and unnecessary.

    I don't know what to recommend to you, but I suggest window shopping at and see what interests you.

    I won't be able to afford a Chanel until after college =(