Can LV still authenticate purses for you?

  1. One of my coworker is selling her vernis roxbury drive in pearl for only $400, it looks clean and almost new. The handles are little bit honey colored. To me, it looks real because I own 2 LVs and the handles are similar to mine. She no longer have the receipt or tag. Can LV still authenticate purses for you? I just want to make sure that is real. I also feel weird to go to LV without buying anything. Is this ok? Please.. I need your advice.
  2. I think they are generally against it. Can you get photos of it to authenthicate here?
  3. No. It is against LV policy to do authentications. You can post pics of it here in the 'Authenticate this Louis Vuitton' thread for the forum to look at though!
  4. the manager at an lv authenticated something for me this summer and she could not have been nicer about it.
  5. I think it really depends on where you live...and sometimes it depends on whether you have a good relationship with the boutique. I know some stores will be flat out against authentications due to liability issues, but you never know. You might want to call in advance just in case. If you want to be on the safe side, try to post pictures on the authenticate this! I hope the bag is authentic!
  6. I tried to get my BH looked at at the SF boutique and was told they were no longer doing it -- this came directly from the manager. I've heard though that if you bring one in for repair and they will tell you if it's fake because obviously they won't repair a fake one.
  7. Good advice, lots of threads on this...seems to depend on store, SA, your relationship with them...

    Vernis is the easiest to tell fake tho...check the lining, I have never seen a fake vernis with correct lining, so maybe that will help.
  8. A strong rapport with your SA and the store manager would be very helpful.
  9. They don't do it anymore.
  10. I agree with Michele! Maybe you can get it authenticated but if you have a strong relationship with your SA.
  11. Thanks guys. Actually, I called the SF Louis Vuitton and they said that they would authenticate it for me as a complimentary for purchasing at their store before.